Ouranopolis is a seaside village of Halkidiki and the last secular destination before going on to Mount Athos. Its distance from Thessaloniki is 132 km. The present village was built on the site of an ancient city. In coins were found the words "Urania Town" and "Ouranidon City" in the form of the goddess Aphrodite Ourania.


it has developed as a tourist town and can accommodate every visitor with all the facilities any time of year. The village has many restaurants and coffee shops with folk art and icons from Mount Athos.

Ornament of the village is the imposing Byzantine tower dating from the 14th century and is the best preserved tower across Chalkidiki. Located at a distance of 2 km is the only excavation of Zygos monastery, the first monastery built by St. Athanasius the Athonite which can be visited.

A large share...

in the tourist development of Ouranoupolis is the proximity to Mount Athos unique worldwide due to the prohibition of entry to women.

From the picturesque village harbor departs daily the ferry to Mount Athos and during the period from March to November daily cruises are scheduled where women can participate.

In the village...

several events take place throughout the year. The top one is at Easter, when women decorate a unique worldwide Epitaph.

In the evening of the Resurrection the village square is filled with fireworks and colors. On the eve of May 21 on the occasion of the feast of our patron Saints Constantine and Helen is the procession of the icon of the Saints and the next morning a solemn Divine Liturgy.

In the evening...

the village is decorated by the dance group that belongs to the local cultural club. On Monday of the Holy Spirit within walking distance of the village in a pine area takes place the feast of the Holy Trinity.

On June 23, the day of St. John klidonas revives the custom of klidonas and meeting of refugee associations take place. Finally, under the August moon takes place the main concert over or under the tower which is a big event for the entire village.

At the entrance...

of the village 50 meters from the office are the permits for Mt. Athos our luxurious rooms are located.

Our rooms are at a distance of 30 meters away from the municipal parking.

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